Friday’s Jam of the Day: Rone

I don’t have much to say except this song is whimsical, cheery, and relaxing!
I’m posting “Parade” by Rone because this video is hot in so many ways. “Parade” hits every feel good bone you could ask it to hit. Happy Friday.



Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Brolin

Brolin is self-taught and enjoys the exploration of beats, space and melody. In response to The Guardian he says,“life is short, even when you’re ten feet tall.” His latest single NYC is gorgeous and reminiscent of the best in his genre. He’s a Youth Lagoon type master. His approach though, is unique, spacey, with resounding beats that reverb across his music solar system.  Next month he’ll be releasing a 7 inch, and I think it is going to crush through the music scene like a whale’s music criss-crosses the oceans. Also, his video is a hot montage of vintage footage that captures the beauty of NYC in a way few do. You know that experience you have on a breezy overcast autumn day, walking along a beach alone as the rain drizzles. The only sounds are that of the dull twinkle of rain against your parka and the waves breaking around you. That is the musical experience of listening to Brolin.


Friday’s Hot Jam of The Day: Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus just dropped a song off his new album, Until The Quiet Comes that will launch in October. This video, while Bubbly and adorable, has a darker layer of utilitarian society with mechanized cannibalism. 🙂 and it’s an addicting cool watch. “Putty Boy Strut” is a solid reminder that while Flying Lotus can produce amazing music for hip hop as is clear in Captain Murphy and A$ap Rocky. when left to himself, his solo work stuns as well.


Tuesday’s Psychedelia or Go Home Jam of the Day: Rob Jo Star Band

This week has me diving deep into the bins in search of hot classics from across genres. It’s a nostalgic trip down something between yes and hmm. Rob Jo Star Band is some kind of French proto punk punk, garage inspired, post hippie psychedelic synth explosion of awesomeness.

Francophilia is far rarer in the States than I think it should be. What’s more there was a pretty large movement of french sound during 70’s and early 80’s that upon deeper investigation, opens up a spectrum of influential european sound. The Rob Jo Star Band LP is a hidden French Gem from  thepsyched out 1970’s France during a fairly non-existant punk effort. This band has a clear acid induced synth explosion approach. Laser blast to your face is all I can say.

Rob Jo Star Band is no doubt a French proto punk, post hippie psychedelia that draws from the allure of 13th Floor Elevators, The Velvet Underground, Serge Gainsbourg, and The Stooges. Characterizing  this group as simply proto punk is not fair. They sort of exist in a nebula of sound between genres, a link in the adaptive nature of music and sonic experience.


Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Elizabeth Cotten

Elizabeth Cotten, or in my book, the queen of blues and folk is gracing today’s jamz.

She was a self-taught left-handed guitarist, known as “Cotten picking,”  a technique she developed to remedy her being left handed. Cotten has had a major impact on blues and folk music. Her stunning music and voice was discovered by others when she was but 12 years old. Hailing from North Carolina, she has an Appalachian blues/Carolina blues sound. Cotten has a powerful heart wrenching voice that reminds you of a history you can only imagine. Elizabeth Cotten has had an unquestioning timelessness to her music in the same way that the voices and playing of Skip James, lightning Hopkins, Odetta, Muddy Waters and others have. Elizabeth Cotten’s imprint on music history is seldom made evident but her music has been played by many, many famous musicians the world over. The American music tradition would be less of a sound without her undeniable contributions.


Monday’s Phenomenal Jam of the Day: Atoms for Peace

“Default” by Atoms for Peace is a song full of floating vocals and hot animation that will remind you of Radiohead and an electronic symphony of soothing cacophonous rhythm that sounds like Boards of Canada. I have had Thom Yorke’s side project on non-stop repeat and I think you’ll as well when you listen and watch. I think this album is brilliant and what’s more. The more you hear their music, the more entranced you will become. It’s that simple. Brilliant work.


Friday’s Gorgeous Hot Jam of the Day: Odetta

Well there isn’t much more to say other than this. If you can’t dig Odetta, I don’t want to know you. 🙂
Basically Odetta has one of the most gorgeous and empowered voices of the past hundred years. It is truly that simple. She’s a queen of music.

Odetta Holmes  who passed away in 2008 was one of the most influential musicians of the late 50’s and 60’s (her influence carried well past though) and was a part of  the folk revival then. Her style is blues and Southern spiritual. The combination of her style makes for stunning music that hits a nerve everytime you hear her belt gorgeous words.

What’s not to love about hearing some of the hauntingly powerful music of Odetta on a gorgeous Friday?

“If only one could be sure that every 50 years a voice and a soul like Odetta’s would come along, the centuries would pass so quickly and painlessly we would hardly recognize time” – Maya Angelou

Dig on this number. You won’t regret it if you haven’t heard her.

Thursday’s Super Ridiculous Mysterious Jam of the Day: Captain Murphy

What do I say? How do I go about this?

Ridiculously hot rapper, Captain Murphy, has struck again, this time with a song titled,  “The Killing Joke. ” Whoever he is, he can flow, and he has production that reminds me of Madlib but different, dark, and awesome! Flying Lotus produced this and it’s hot! What’s more, this man is dropping songs left and right under the elusive guise of Captain Murphy in a way that MF DOOM did. Everything about his song are fresh, hot, and generally bad ass.  Also, during  this most recent song, “The Killing Joke” he say, “Speculating my identity/ Good luck, you’ll never find me.” Seems spot on. Who is this guy? All I know is that his flows are hot, shouts to comics and  music and culture are impeccable, production is killing, and he has everything it takes to continue to take the underground world by storm.  He reminds me of the best. Also, he reminds me of Tyler the Creator too–also, some earl sweatshit… hmmmm. Whoever it is, he needs to keep killing it.

Dig this, Dig this, Dig this!