Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: The Dirty Projectors

This amazing 20 minute short film titled: Hi Custodian and is a Dirty Projectors film by David Longstreth that features all music by The Dirty Projectors off their powerful new release, Swing Lo Magellan. The video is stunning and the music gorgeous. This project is very cool.

Hi Custodian is part music video and part absurdist avant gard.  It is tacky, thoughtful, and fun  via a variety of loosely connected sketches travelling among a spectrum of thoughts and abstracted experience.

I thought the below summed up the video well.

With its fiercely deadpan approach and arch impenetrability, “Hi Custodian” certainly lays itself open to accusations of pretension, but it’s sense of humour is often so winningly daffy that it’s difficult not to be charmed. One particularly memorable image is of a heavily bandaged Longstreth limping through harsh terrain. This seems to explicitly reference Anton Corbijn’s deadpan promo for Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence,” which featured singer Dave Gahan dressed up like a king, tramping sadly around a host of desolate landscapes. “I wanted to make images that were both hilarious and really sad,” Longstreth said, noting he didn’t produce a shot list until the first day of shooting. More often than not, he succeeded nontheless. “Hi Custodian” also surreally nods toward hip-hop video cliches, with an incongruous gaggle of scantily clad babes washing a car in the middle of suburbia. A hipster.”



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