Thursday’s Super Ridiculous Mysterious Jam of the Day: Captain Murphy

What do I say? How do I go about this?

Ridiculously hot rapper, Captain Murphy, has struck again, this time with a song titled,  “The Killing Joke. ” Whoever he is, he can flow, and he has production that reminds me of Madlib but different, dark, and awesome! Flying Lotus produced this and it’s hot! What’s more, this man is dropping songs left and right under the elusive guise of Captain Murphy in a way that MF DOOM did. Everything about his song are fresh, hot, and generally bad ass.  Also, during  this most recent song, “The Killing Joke” he say, “Speculating my identity/ Good luck, you’ll never find me.” Seems spot on. Who is this guy? All I know is that his flows are hot, shouts to comics and  music and culture are impeccable, production is killing, and he has everything it takes to continue to take the underground world by storm.  He reminds me of the best. Also, he reminds me of Tyler the Creator too–also, some earl sweatshit… hmmmm. Whoever it is, he needs to keep killing it.

Dig this, Dig this, Dig this!


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