Tuesday’s Psychedelia or Go Home Jam of the Day: Rob Jo Star Band

This week has me diving deep into the bins in search of hot classics from across genres. It’s a nostalgic trip down something between yes and hmm. Rob Jo Star Band is some kind of French proto punk punk, garage inspired, post hippie psychedelic synth explosion of awesomeness.

Francophilia is far rarer in the States than I think it should be. What’s more there was a pretty large movement of french sound during 70’s and early 80’s that upon deeper investigation, opens up a spectrum of influential european sound. The Rob Jo Star Band LP is a hidden French Gem from  thepsyched out 1970’s France during a fairly non-existant punk effort. This band has a clear acid induced synth explosion approach. Laser blast to your face is all I can say.

Rob Jo Star Band is no doubt a French proto punk, post hippie psychedelia that draws from the allure of 13th Floor Elevators, The Velvet Underground, Serge Gainsbourg, and The Stooges. Characterizing  this group as simply proto punk is not fair. They sort of exist in a nebula of sound between genres, a link in the adaptive nature of music and sonic experience.



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