Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Brolin

Brolin is self-taught and enjoys the exploration of beats, space and melody. In response to The Guardian he says,“life is short, even when you’re ten feet tall.” His latest single NYC is gorgeous and reminiscent of the best in his genre. He’s a Youth Lagoon type master. His approach though, is unique, spacey, with resounding beats that reverb across his music solar system.  Next month he’ll be releasing a 7 inch, and I think it is going to crush through the music scene like a whale’s music criss-crosses the oceans. Also, his video is a hot montage of vintage footage that captures the beauty of NYC in a way few do. You know that experience you have on a breezy overcast autumn day, walking along a beach alone as the rain drizzles. The only sounds are that of the dull twinkle of rain against your parka and the waves breaking around you. That is the musical experience of listening to Brolin.



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