Tuesday’s Ramp Up to Halloween Jam Of The Day: Sharkey Todd & The Monsters

Sharkey Todd & The Monsters= Awesome!

It’s that simple. Hopefully you’re feeling ike a cool Gool this week! 1959 was a goodd year for haunted muuusiiiccccccc. Basically this is UK based spooky UK Rockabilly.

Dig it!


Monday’s Ramp Up To Halloween Jam Of The Day: Andy Stott

Andy Stott’s, “Numb” off his upcoming album, Luxury Problems, set to hit the shelves on October 29th is a hot r out jam of whimsical, cloudy, and relaxing proportions. Stott’s latest production has hot vocal interjections by Alison Skidmore that fill this song with a dreamscape of echoes and musical hollows that capture your imagination and your sight for an unpredicatble event. Halloween’s coming up and this song is the perfect introduction to the week. The uncertainty of each moment is captured in this gorgeous production that straddles your curiosity for the unknown event. Like a dream, Stott carries you on a whimsical and seductive voyage that is filled with a nostalgic anticipation that you can’t quite put your finger on. Numb laces Skidmore’s dreamy voice through the song  in a way that caresses and consumes your senses with the accompaniment of a driving industrial beat, softly carrying the listener down a haunting musical trail that overwhelms your senses like fog might overwhelm a dark forest on an autumn day.

Enjoy today’s jam.

Friday’s Jam of the Day: White Fence

White Fence the work of California Psych/garage rock man, Tim Presley . His sound drifts among stoned out gems of the past but with a very contemporary feel that meets you ears with some kind of lofi perfections of drowsy effects and scratches, and guitar crackles. Listening to White fence is like listening to a time warp but with modern relevance. His sound will remind you of so much from the late 60’s an 70’s yet it has a drive that hails directly from the current garage rock movement that is sweeping California through Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees and many others.

What’s not to love about this movement? A rock revival is here.


Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Fábio

Zing Boom Owww! “Lindo sonho delirante (LSD)” is the perfect crazed psychedelic jam full of flavors and notes of perplexing awesomeness that goes so well on toast. Bite into this jam and you will transport yourself to a beach, sipping a martini, and having a cigarette around a bunch of cool Brazilian cats who are telling you about why they love LSD. This jam is a rare gem of garage rock out of Brazil.


Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Monster Rally

Straight from the books of awesome music videos emerges Monster Rally. Every video produced is a stellar and perfect compliment to the whirlwind and often entrancing sounds produced by the Monster Rally.  There most recent Lp, “Beyond the Sea” is a demonstration of Monster Rally’s fine ability to snip, place, and compliment an array of samples perfectly into the well-executed and precise body of the sound/song. Jamz like Snoozer and Honey show his fin-tuned understanding of sonic perfection. the crescendo awesomeness of Monster Rally is a full-bodied and heavily layered sequence of awesome. Bells or keys streak across your ears softly with the compliments of drones and very subtle bass driving into the drums. Your ears are prepared for every subtle adjustment. Basically, Monster Rally is amazing and the below tracks are the demonstration of that.


Thursday’s Absurd Ridiculous Virtuoso Driven Jam of the Day: Arif Sag

Mind Explosion is the only way to describe the way that Arif Sag plays the Turkish Baglama. He is a virtuoso that sits with the rest of the virtuosos of guitar, different genres, and other instruments. When you listen to below track think about the Balglama as an instrument andd its sonic potential. It will crush your mind to hear the wholly unique yet informed manner by which Sag tears this instrument apart to develop the song, “Su Samsunun Evleri.” I can’t really put it into words except to say,  that the famous Arif Sag has made an indelible mark on music history. Sag’s protection of music tradition whilst innovating into different realms of play are amazing. Also, not his moustache. With a stache like that, one’s mind can’t help but be blown away.




Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Purity Ring X Danny Brown

It’s Wednesday and today needs to drop hard, heavy and hot! Well sick and no problem. Why? Well, Purity Ring meets none-other than Danny Brown. Boom–What do I have to say other than hot, hot, hot jamz everywhere. How did these two come to be though?

“Belispeak II” with Danny Brown hits hard and perfectly! How do I put it? This pair up was meant to be. Their music sounds amazing together. What else is bad ass about this partnership? It came from social media. Yeah, social media brought these two together. The story is this.

This summer Danny Brown caught Purity Ring on tour and dug their sound. Liking what he saw, Brown Tweeted his admiration He then shot them an email and said yo, why are we not working together? Purity Ring’s Corin Roddick remixed ‘Belispeak’ and invited Danny Brown to add an extra verse.

The results of this mix, that came from a Twitter chat, is exceptional and ridiculous.


Monday’s Jam of the Day: Perfume Genius

This most recent Perfume Genius video, in which Hadreas dresses up as a woman, wandering the streets confused and disoriented tackles the strange and awkward deception that is this character’s experience–lost and worn out.”Take Me Home” is the powerful and dark hit off of Put Your Back N 2 It. Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas discussed the video and how many Twinkies he consumed. The long and the short of it, is that this jam is hot, the video is stellar and human, it’s in Seattle, and the song captures melancholia with hope.

Enjoy today’s dreary jam of the day.

Friday’s Super Groovy German Jam of the Day: Michael Holm


All I can say is wow, where did this man’s hair come from and why is it so damn perfect. So things were definitely groovy in the 70’s and Michael Holm was one super groovy cat. Note, his hair never gets wet. Let’s reflect on this for a second. His hair never gets wet because he is the god of style, brought to this planet to take you on a magical journey through the backwoods of German love making. When you’re as groovy as Michael Holm, you’re unstoppable, and  what is more, your hair can literally repel everything. Also, this song is called “Barfuss im Regen.” Who knows what that means? All I know is that it reminds me of Space Balls and Ronald Regan. But back to the main point here, Holm has flawless hair.  How much would you give to have hair like that? I think the answer is simple, “you’d probably give your soul.”

Enjoy today’s jam.

Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens has followed up with his trend of Christmas. Let’s be real, it’s not Christmas but still–this song is pretty hilarious and awesome–“Christmas Unicorn.”  He recorded 5  Christmas eps and recently released the final single, Christmas Unicorn . Today, how can you not feel like a Christmas Unicorn? The answer is, “good point, I do feel like a Christmas Unicorn.” Answer follow up, “It’s alright, I love you” Also, the joy Division sample? Kind of awesome!

Yeah, I know it’s early for this, like really really really really really stup really early, but hey, it just launched!