Friday’s Super Groovy German Jam of the Day: Michael Holm


All I can say is wow, where did this man’s hair come from and why is it so damn perfect. So things were definitely groovy in the 70’s and Michael Holm was one super groovy cat. Note, his hair never gets wet. Let’s reflect on this for a second. His hair never gets wet because he is the god of style, brought to this planet to take you on a magical journey through the backwoods of German love making. When you’re as groovy as Michael Holm, you’re unstoppable, and  what is more, your hair can literally repel everything. Also, this song is called “Barfuss im Regen.” Who knows what that means? All I know is that it reminds me of Space Balls and Ronald Regan. But back to the main point here, Holm has flawless hair.  How much would you give to have hair like that? I think the answer is simple, “you’d probably give your soul.”

Enjoy today’s jam.


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