Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Purity Ring X Danny Brown

It’s Wednesday and today needs to drop hard, heavy and hot! Well sick and no problem. Why? Well, Purity Ring meets none-other than Danny Brown. Boom–What do I have to say other than hot, hot, hot jamz everywhere. How did these two come to be though?

“Belispeak II” with Danny Brown hits hard and perfectly! How do I put it? This pair up was meant to be. Their music sounds amazing together. What else is bad ass about this partnership? It came from social media. Yeah, social media brought these two together. The story is this.

This summer Danny Brown caught Purity Ring on tour and dug their sound. Liking what he saw, Brown Tweeted his admiration He then shot them an email and said yo, why are we not working together? Purity Ring’s Corin Roddick remixed ‘Belispeak’ and invited Danny Brown to add an extra verse.

The results of this mix, that came from a Twitter chat, is exceptional and ridiculous.



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