Thursday’s Absurd Ridiculous Virtuoso Driven Jam of the Day: Arif Sag

Mind Explosion is the only way to describe the way that Arif Sag plays the Turkish Baglama. He is a virtuoso that sits with the rest of the virtuosos of guitar, different genres, and other instruments. When you listen to below track think about the Balglama as an instrument andd its sonic potential. It will crush your mind to hear the wholly unique yet informed manner by which Sag tears this instrument apart to develop the song, “Su Samsunun Evleri.” I can’t really put it into words except to say,  that the famous Arif Sag has made an indelible mark on music history. Sag’s protection of music tradition whilst innovating into different realms of play are amazing. Also, not his moustache. With a stache like that, one’s mind can’t help but be blown away.





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