Monday’s Ramp Up To Halloween Jam Of The Day: Andy Stott

Andy Stott’s, “Numb” off his upcoming album, Luxury Problems, set to hit the shelves on October 29th is a hot r out jam of whimsical, cloudy, and relaxing proportions. Stott’s latest production has hot vocal interjections by Alison Skidmore that fill this song with a dreamscape of echoes and musical hollows that capture your imagination and your sight for an unpredicatble event. Halloween’s coming up and this song is the perfect introduction to the week. The uncertainty of each moment is captured in this gorgeous production that straddles your curiosity for the unknown event. Like a dream, Stott carries you on a whimsical and seductive voyage that is filled with a nostalgic anticipation that you can’t quite put your finger on. Numb laces Skidmore’s dreamy voice through the song  in a way that caresses and consumes your senses with the accompaniment of a driving industrial beat, softly carrying the listener down a haunting musical trail that overwhelms your senses like fog might overwhelm a dark forest on an autumn day.

Enjoy today’s jam.


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