Friday’s Jam of the Day: Flying Lotus

This is a neew Flying Lotus Jam, “Tiny Tortures” off his new album, Until The Quiet Comes. This song is sick and quintessential Flying Lotus. Also, Mr. Wood? Waaa? Tight.

flying lotus



Thursday’s Hot Life Tribute Jam of The Day: Mickey Baker

Mickey Baker or Mickey “Guitar” Baker as he was known was not a jazz cat, even though that was what he aspired to be.  What Baker was, was a founding father of rock ‘n’ roll guitar. He may not have known it at the time but he would help shape the course of music history during the 20th and 21st century. Mickey and Sylvia have made some of the most classic tunes including, “Love is Strange” and “Dearest” among many many other gorgeous and catchy jamz that hint at the roots of surf rock, rockabilly, and power chords of the future. Baker’s story is certainly a long and winding road, from poverty to striking out at jazz. You’ve heard him with the kings of rock, including Ray Charles, Big Joe Turner, and many other would be legends–he sort of dissapeared under the raddar of the public eye and for that we must ribute him now.  Unfortunately, he is not known like his Contemporaries, Chuck Berry or Ray Charles but he should be for his music contributions. He of course landed hits with “Dearest” and “Love is Strange” but he added so much more. You’ve heard him on “Shake, Rattle and Roll, “Johnny B Good”” and many other tracks that defined and era and a movement in music history.

Baker’s impact on American sound is eternal. He died two days ago at his home near Toulouse, France. He was 87 years old. In a few words, Baker was the man. Pause to remember him and enjoy these jamz.

Enjoy. To Mickey.

Wednesday’s Ridiculously Awesome Jamz Of The DAY: Empress Of

Empress Of’s gorgeously produced concept album that consists of 15 well designed color minutes is no doubt going to explode once the echo picks up. Right now, her music is in the ether floating freely, barely heard. However, after listening to these 15 airy, angelic, startling, whimsical and calming tracks, I am convinced that she has everything that is needed to launch into art music stardom. Her sound is in the genres of Dirty Projectors, Beach House, MIA and jarring with Grimes or even a Sharon Van Etten. Of course her sound is hers and totally unique. Empress Of has launched into the musical landscape with an eloquent bow and a head nod via her 11 Colorminutes which have now increased to 15 Colorminutes. I love it as a concept, as sounds and I love her approach to publicity.

Every Colorminute is as can be expected, a minute long vignette of color and sound. The music is electronic and fluffy in nature but possesses powerful angelic vocals by Empress Of as well as electronics over ethereal vocals. My guess is that colors connect to experience in some way or possibly moods. Very cool. Empress Of has a firm grasp of what it means to harness social media for a debut. I anticipate Empress Of is going to explode onto the scene. Her exposure is small now but I can see it growing massive. Colorminute 2 is my favorite, the light teal.  I love the hell out of well-executed concept albums and this knocks it out of the water. Empress Of will explode.

Enjoy today’s awesome jamz. Do you have a favorite Colorminute?

Tusday’s Hot Jamz of The Day: Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Here Comes the Whistle Man, a live album by  the notoriously free-flowing Rahsaan Roland Kirk has nothing but hot crazed out jamz. Kirk threw down all sorts of intense jazz  throughout his career and often on multiple instruments from the saxophone to the flute and to many others. Kirk had a virtuosic improvisational ability that was rarely matched during his time. He, like Dizzy, often complimented his sweet jamz with crazy and comical banter, wild ranting, and a ridiculously unheard of ability to play multiple instruments simultaneously with incredible skill and jaw dropping fluidity. He typically appeared on stage with all three horns hanging around his neck, as well as a variety of other instruments, including flutes and whistles. Kirk also played clarinet, harmonica, English horn, and recorders. Basically he was a blind king and his music was anything but a gimmick. He could slay sounds and on  top of all this–he should be accredited with introducing unique sounds in ways that many musicians prior to him had not thought of but would later adopt. For example, Kirk would use a saxophone mouthpiece on a trumpet or playing nose flute. More radical though was his usage of non traditional instruments, such as alarm clocks, sirens, or a section of common garden hose (dubbed “the black mystery pipes”).

Monday’s Heart Breakingly Gorgeous Jam of the Day: Angel Olsen and Marissa Nadler

Heartbreaking cover/home recording of Richard & Linda Thompson’s “My Dreams Have Withered and Died”–Marissa Nadler and Angel Olsen hauntingly tackle the gorgeous new gorgeous album Half Way Home. The album has without question landed into my Top 10 favorites of 2012. Their acoustic retrospect and trip into the melancholy are difficult to describe.

Marissa Nadler and Angel Olsen’s cover of “My Dreams Have Withered and Died” can only be characterized as a masterful depiction of the heart wrenching classic that is given meaning in every generation and most every context it is imagined. Their voices compliment each other like memories combining to create a full experiential reflection. . The pained and lo-fi recording is a fantastic approach to their sound. But basing off of the goosebumps I get listening to them, I imagine their live performance flies past all expectations with power and emotion beyond the confines of the recorded albums. The songs are stunning and almost accompany you as you daze into a trance of reflection and unidentifiable nostalgia for a  loss that bore something new.

Enjoy today’s stunning jam.

Tuesday’s Classic Awesome Hot Jam of The Day: Goldcoast Singers (George Cromarty & Ed Rush)

George Cromarty, who would  later become known for his work, Grassroots Guitar is at the center of today’s hot music historical awesomeness reflection.  Before he recorded his debut album in 1973, he cowrote “Plastic Jesus,” with collaborator Ed Rush. Well this song is hilarious for so many reasons and it is great hearing them describe what inspire “Plastic Jesus.” That said, what is probably more important about this song is what they can claim. The two  are probably the only people on the face fo the planet to be covered by both Paul Newman as Cool Hand Luke and the Flaming Lips. I should say that Cromarty left his novelty folk behind for what would become his seminal masterpiece but we can leave that for another day. For now, dig on”Plastic Jesus.” To know that one ad only Cool Hand Luke played my jam would be enough for me to die happy knowing.

I do want to interject with this. Cromarty was a fingerpicking master after is catch folk days. If your curiouos about him, dig into Grassroots Guitar.


Monday’s Hot Hot Mixtape: Captain Murphy

The infinitely mysterious Captain Murphy / possibly Odd Future peeps has dropped the official video for Du∆lity and it is hot.
Captain Murphy is an intensely anonymous rapper, crew and cartoon character. He just dropped his sick mixtape, Du∆lity. The album is produced by numerous big name producers and it is worth every minute of listening. You can watch it below or at his page This mixtape sweats hot jamz and beats. The below video accompanies the entire hot mixtape. Enjoy.

Dig on it! Happy Monday!

Thursday’s Ridic Jamz Jamz Jamz of the Day: Ratking

Dayum is about all I can say to these cats. I think they helped push the genre post hip hop with this ridiculous new album. The collective of Ratking is RAMON & WIKI & HAK & SPORTING LIFE, for what can only be characterized as the sick nastiness that you’ve been wanting to hear for some time now.  Ratking has been killing it for a short number now. Anyway,  “Wikispeaks” is off the new album, Wiki93.

This is a new but music historic kind of hip hop and I really dig that—Ratking shows what boundaries can be pushed in hip hop while also recalling and paying tribute to what has been. When you listen to these cats you’re going to be thinking the sound reminds you of so much you’ve heard in the 90’s into the 21st but then it has this edge, something poetic and off, that tackles your mind, asking you to perceive these sick flows differently. Different they are. It is quite possible that this is one of the best collaborations of the past decade. Don’t miss these cats. Ratking’s Wiki93 is a stellar album. Go support these guys and enjoy what they are contributing to the musical thread. The new album has dropped on Hot Charity/XLRecordings. Go get the vinyl.

Enjoy today Jam.

Wednesday’s Exceedingly Cute Jam of the Day: Adam Green & Binki Shapiro

Well I think the title of today’s jam pretty much sums it up. These two folksie youngsters have dropped what can only be called a masterwork of exceedingly cute proportions. If you need a duet pick-me-up, the equivalent of your first coffee on a glowing saturday morning, a smile after a hug, or watever helps bring a grin to your face–Adam Green and Binki Shapiro have managed to encapsulate those lovey feelings into their powerful duet and self-titled release. This album is just pretty.

That’s about all I can say. The whole album is uplifting and warm on your ears.

Enjoy today’s jamz

Tuesday’s Ambient Jam Of The Day: Brian Eno

Brian has dabbled in a wide swath of music excursions from The Talking Heads To Paul Simon, from Devo to David Bowie. He’s also filled many spaces between through constant reinvention and artist exploration. Brian Eno has excavated so much as a producer and his talents have contributed to the vast pool of never-ending ambient, minimalist, electronic, art exploration and straight ahead rock. While I can point to many examples of why Eno is complete bad ass, I like to point you to just this example. This single example of Eno’s forays in ambient describes and portrays his adept ability to cross boundaries of experience, perception, space, and sonic dribblings. Eno is not just focused on a minimalist ambient excursion. Rather, this album dubbed, Music For Airports is just that. This album describes airports to a T in a gorgeous and thought-provoking way. Sure the title is a bit pretentious and yes, you might fall asleep to it. However, Music For Airports is the first installment of Eno’s ambient series and is my favorite due to its strong conceptual underbelly.

The initial idea was that  “The music was designed to be continuously looped as a sound installation, with the intent to diffuse the tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal.” The sound atmosphere at an airport is often far from inspirational and an ambient overture is an interesting way to conceive and create a spark of reflection and an atmosphere of control that is mellow. However, in a way, I feel like Eno’s ambient Airport music captures the dreary realities of airports. Certainly airports are exciting but in other ways there is a travelling depression that hangs in the air of airports. I think Eno’s work conceptually tackles the airport from multiple angles and different realms of perception. It is a bautiful work.

Enjoy today’s ambient jam of the day