Tuesday’s Ambient Jam Of The Day: Brian Eno

Brian has dabbled in a wide swath of music excursions from The Talking Heads To Paul Simon, from Devo to David Bowie. He’s also filled many spaces between through constant reinvention and artist exploration. Brian Eno has excavated so much as a producer and his talents have contributed to the vast pool of never-ending ambient, minimalist, electronic, art exploration and straight ahead rock. While I can point to many examples of why Eno is complete bad ass, I like to point you to just this example. This single example of Eno’s forays in ambient describes and portrays his adept ability to cross boundaries of experience, perception, space, and sonic dribblings. Eno is not just focused on a minimalist ambient excursion. Rather, this album dubbed, Music For Airports is just that. This album describes airports to a T in a gorgeous and thought-provoking way. Sure the title is a bit pretentious and yes, you might fall asleep to it. However, Music For Airports is the first installment of Eno’s ambient series and is my favorite due to its strong conceptual underbelly.

The initial idea was that  “The music was designed to be continuously looped as a sound installation, with the intent to diffuse the tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal.” The sound atmosphere at an airport is often far from inspirational and an ambient overture is an interesting way to conceive and create a spark of reflection and an atmosphere of control that is mellow. However, in a way, I feel like Eno’s ambient Airport music captures the dreary realities of airports. Certainly airports are exciting but in other ways there is a travelling depression that hangs in the air of airports. I think Eno’s work conceptually tackles the airport from multiple angles and different realms of perception. It is a bautiful work.

Enjoy today’s ambient jam of the day



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