Thursday’s Ridic Jamz Jamz Jamz of the Day: Ratking

Dayum is about all I can say to these cats. I think they helped push the genre post hip hop with this ridiculous new album. The collective of Ratking is RAMON & WIKI & HAK & SPORTING LIFE, for what can only be characterized as the sick nastiness that you’ve been wanting to hear for some time now.  Ratking has been killing it for a short number now. Anyway,  “Wikispeaks” is off the new album, Wiki93.

This is a new but music historic kind of hip hop and I really dig that—Ratking shows what boundaries can be pushed in hip hop while also recalling and paying tribute to what has been. When you listen to these cats you’re going to be thinking the sound reminds you of so much you’ve heard in the 90’s into the 21st but then it has this edge, something poetic and off, that tackles your mind, asking you to perceive these sick flows differently. Different they are. It is quite possible that this is one of the best collaborations of the past decade. Don’t miss these cats. Ratking’s Wiki93 is a stellar album. Go support these guys and enjoy what they are contributing to the musical thread. The new album has dropped on Hot Charity/XLRecordings. Go get the vinyl.

Enjoy today Jam.


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