Tuesday’s Classic Awesome Hot Jam of The Day: Goldcoast Singers (George Cromarty & Ed Rush)

George Cromarty, who would  later become known for his work, Grassroots Guitar is at the center of today’s hot music historical awesomeness reflection.  Before he recorded his debut album in 1973, he cowrote “Plastic Jesus,” with collaborator Ed Rush. Well this song is hilarious for so many reasons and it is great hearing them describe what inspire “Plastic Jesus.” That said, what is probably more important about this song is what they can claim. The two  are probably the only people on the face fo the planet to be covered by both Paul Newman as Cool Hand Luke and the Flaming Lips. I should say that Cromarty left his novelty folk behind for what would become his seminal masterpiece but we can leave that for another day. For now, dig on”Plastic Jesus.” To know that one ad only Cool Hand Luke played my jam would be enough for me to die happy knowing.

I do want to interject with this. Cromarty was a fingerpicking master after is catch folk days. If your curiouos about him, dig into Grassroots Guitar.



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