Monday’s Heart Breakingly Gorgeous Jam of the Day: Angel Olsen and Marissa Nadler

Heartbreaking cover/home recording of Richard & Linda Thompson’s “My Dreams Have Withered and Died”–Marissa Nadler and Angel Olsen hauntingly tackle the gorgeous new gorgeous album Half Way Home. The album has without question landed into my Top 10 favorites of 2012. Their acoustic retrospect and trip into the melancholy are difficult to describe.

Marissa Nadler and Angel Olsen’s cover of “My Dreams Have Withered and Died” can only be characterized as a masterful depiction of the heart wrenching classic that is given meaning in every generation and most every context it is imagined. Their voices compliment each other like memories combining to create a full experiential reflection. . The pained and lo-fi recording is a fantastic approach to their sound. But basing off of the goosebumps I get listening to them, I imagine their live performance flies past all expectations with power and emotion beyond the confines of the recorded albums. The songs are stunning and almost accompany you as you daze into a trance of reflection and unidentifiable nostalgia for a  loss that bore something new.

Enjoy today’s stunning jam.


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