Tusday’s Hot Jamz of The Day: Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Here Comes the Whistle Man, a live album by  the notoriously free-flowing Rahsaan Roland Kirk has nothing but hot crazed out jamz. Kirk threw down all sorts of intense jazz  throughout his career and often on multiple instruments from the saxophone to the flute and to many others. Kirk had a virtuosic improvisational ability that was rarely matched during his time. He, like Dizzy, often complimented his sweet jamz with crazy and comical banter, wild ranting, and a ridiculously unheard of ability to play multiple instruments simultaneously with incredible skill and jaw dropping fluidity. He typically appeared on stage with all three horns hanging around his neck, as well as a variety of other instruments, including flutes and whistles. Kirk also played clarinet, harmonica, English horn, and recorders. Basically he was a blind king and his music was anything but a gimmick. He could slay sounds and on  top of all this–he should be accredited with introducing unique sounds in ways that many musicians prior to him had not thought of but would later adopt. For example, Kirk would use a saxophone mouthpiece on a trumpet or playing nose flute. More radical though was his usage of non traditional instruments, such as alarm clocks, sirens, or a section of common garden hose (dubbed “the black mystery pipes”).


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