Wednesday’s Ridiculously Awesome Jamz Of The DAY: Empress Of

Empress Of’s gorgeously produced concept album that consists of 15 well designed color minutes is no doubt going to explode once the echo picks up. Right now, her music is in the ether floating freely, barely heard. However, after listening to these 15 airy, angelic, startling, whimsical and calming tracks, I am convinced that she has everything that is needed to launch into art music stardom. Her sound is in the genres of Dirty Projectors, Beach House, MIA and jarring with Grimes or even a Sharon Van Etten. Of course her sound is hers and totally unique. Empress Of has launched into the musical landscape with an eloquent bow and a head nod via her 11 Colorminutes which have now increased to 15 Colorminutes. I love it as a concept, as sounds and I love her approach to publicity.

Every Colorminute is as can be expected, a minute long vignette of color and sound. The music is electronic and fluffy in nature but possesses powerful angelic vocals by Empress Of as well as electronics over ethereal vocals. My guess is that colors connect to experience in some way or possibly moods. Very cool. Empress Of has a firm grasp of what it means to harness social media for a debut. I anticipate Empress Of is going to explode onto the scene. Her exposure is small now but I can see it growing massive. Colorminute 2 is my favorite, the light teal.  I love the hell out of well-executed concept albums and this knocks it out of the water. Empress Of will explode.

Enjoy today’s awesome jamz. Do you have a favorite Colorminute?


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