Tuesday’s Jam Of The Day: Bert Jansch

Bert Jansch, simply put, has one of the most distinctive guitar sounds and has convincingly captivated the minds and styles of many of his contemporaries. Jansch’s circular picking patterns have what it takes to beat the test of time.  He is the quintessential UK folk musician, but Bert was actually a unique shade of dark with a massive musically innovative mind that was matched by his technical and creative abilities; his folk warrants notice. With songs like “Blackwater Side” Jansch’s trad-folk leanings are explored and excavated. His impact on musicians is evident with Jimmy Page and Neil Young to Johnny Marr and a handful of others. While you may not be familiar with Jansch, I bet you’ve heard Zeppelin’s, “Black Mountain Side.” Basically Page and team pulled that one and called it their own.


Enjoy today’s Jam of the day.


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