Thursday’s Jamz of the Day: Lou Reed

Sometimes you just need to bring it back and enjoy the timeless tracks of Lou Reed. Throughout his career he produced amazing tracks. Virtually every project he tackled embraced what came to be quintessential Lou Reed.  Every once in a while you get into a Reed phase and need to go listen to him for a day. I’m in such a phase today and decided to put together the tracks that are striking a chord with me.
Not surprisingly, all of today’s tracks that are stuck in my head are from his album that took the world by storm in 1972, Transformer. Also, it turns out that I god damn love Tubas.

Lou Reed:

  • “Make Up” –1972 Transformer
  • “Walk on the Wild Side”–1972 Transformer
  • “Vicious”–1972 Transformer
  • “New York Telephone Conversation” –1972 Transformer
  • “I’m So Free”– 1972 Transformer




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