Friday’s Stunning and Jaw-Dropping Jam of the Day: Empress Of

I wrote about the beautiful music coming from Empress Of last week. But man-o-man. This video encapsulates the Brooklynites deeply moving talent. What a voice and what a passionate expression. Holy god damn, damn. Listening to her perform live and on piano is soul tearing and unbelievable. She has a real taste for expressive song and a talent to match it. “Don’t Tell Me” was already a stunning song but to see this video and her performance places her into another tier of amazing. Yeah, I’m gushing a bit. But frankly, Empress Of deserves some gushing over her music and sound. Her voices just hangs there and haunts you in the b est kind of way.

Empress Of’s gorgeously produced concept album, Colorminutes was a beautiful series of minute long vignettes of color and sound. The music is electronic and ethereal in nature but possesses powerful angelic vocals by Empress Of .   I anticipate Empress Of is going to explode onto the scene. This video though has cemented my belief. Empress Of has a very real, and very moving, pained voice that has an expression that comes from a burning belly. I am ecstatic to see what continues to come from Empress Of. “Don’t Tell” me is just soul crushing and has been on repeat all day long. Hearing her depart from electronic for the beauty of the ebony and ivory will make you gush.


Enjoy today’s gorgeous jam.


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