Monday’s Hot Throw Back Jam of the Day: Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf

“Red Light, Green Light, “Apple Juice Break,” and “Charizma What?” are just a few of the hottest tracks to be released in 1991 by Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf that year. Unfortunately these tracks never hit shelves. Charizma was at the time 19 and had just been recording tracks and performing when he was shot dead in a mugging. The story of Charizma is really quite sad. He was about to explose onto the rap scene in the early 90’s and frankly, he probably would have become one of the best of the era but he died so early, only releasing a promotional cassette with the single “Red Light, Green Light” and a flexi disc with the single “Jack the Mack.” However, Peanut Butter Wolf, who would later start his own very famous record label, Stones Throw, would release, in 2003, a full-length album titled Big Shots, featuring all the recorded tracks he made with Charizma. The album is hot and a classic shout to the styles of the early 90’s.  It was unfortunate the potential of Charizma was never fully-experienced but it is fun to imagine.

c + p

Enjoy today’s jamz.



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