Thursday’s Get Down With The Get Down Jam of The Day: Sticky

Sticky is going to be dropping the hotly anticipated album,  Cutting Shapes. But damn, today’s a work day and well it could be a get anything done day: walking the dog, robbing a bank, holding up a stage coach, typing, shower dancin’, or maybe going for a bike ride. Sticky’s “Pedal Riddim'” and the latest and greatest “Cutting Shapes” is driving and straight ahead. The complexities are not massive but if you need to focus and get something done with the get down , these jams will certainly help you do that. Cutting Shapes is set for launch in early march and is definitely worth a go.





Wednesday’s Jam of The Day: Charles Mingus

Not long ago, my brother in-law passed along an amazing Charles Mingus album; he said I would love it. I said hell yeah, hit me with it! He was so right. If you’re not familiar with Charles Mingus’, The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady, now is your time to become acquainted. The entire album is stellar in every way, tackling an array of experience sound, jazz history and music history.  How do we define amazing, mind bending, emotive jamz that transcend sound, understanding and experience? Damn good question: if I could fully answer it, maybe I’d be rich, but alas… The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady is a virtuosic marvel of orchestration, tempo changes, attitudinal shifts, cultural influence, historical bouncing, and free-born dramatic binges of the soul. “Trio and Group Dancers” captures, encloses and defines a huge moment in the experience that one has with this album and masterwork. The brass solos and Spanish guitar, driving bass, and orchestration bring you to a dessert where you discover a gorgeous gypsy woman or something, she points randomly into the desert–you decide to wander that way and stumble into Morocco. How is that possible? Who knows, it just is. The next thing you know, you’re standing alone on a spot lit dance floor and competing in a swing competition in the heart of New York. Boom! China town in a smoke filled speakeasy. This album will take you on a roller coaster of music experience like few have before.  It is the heat and perpetually driving nature of this album that brings life to your imagination and wisdom to your understanding of what music can do. The album ventures through Flamenco, free jazz, swing, bop, classical, improvised spiritual ramblings and more. So god damn it, listen to it and enjoy the world it’ll take you to–part’s 1 and 2 below are just beautiful and mind-bending. There is a reason this is a jazz classic.


Enjoy today’s mind bending jamz

and the full album is here

Tuesday’s Jam Of The Day: Animal Collective

And their back with a new video for their hot single, “AppleSauce” off of Centipede Hz. Earlier this fall, AC dropped a new album, Centipede Hz that was fairly under appreciated. This video is psychotic awesomeness, even if there is no apple being consumed. This jam is certainly a pop favorite off Centipede Hz and this video makes it official for me.



Friday’s Mesmerizing Jam of The Day: Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós has produced a series of gorgeous and often whimsical Icelandic ambient, and strangely mesmerizing jams throughout their career. There is something about their music that transports you to an icy moonlit field, probably an arctic tundra, and you sit or stand in the middle of it, in complete isolation, listening to the wind howl past your ears and the cracks of ice in the permafrost bounce as your feet chew up the terrain below. The music of Sigur Rós has always been interesting and beautiful and cause for mindful listening. “Rembihnútur” and “Ekki Mukk” are two dazzling examples of the band’s talent and unique sound as described on their most recent album, Valtari. This music is perfect to think to on a bitingly cold and overcast but illuminated winter’s day.


Enjoy today’s jams

Thursday’s Absurdly Hot Jam of the Day: Bonobo

And Bonobo is back! Boom! What a pleasure to listen to Bonobo cut through the noise to produce another magnificent jam and album. His latest Ninja Tunes press is set to hit shelves on April 1st. The album will be titled: The North Borders and it consists of all the expertise you have grown to admire in the sounds that Bonobo competently puts together.  “Cirrus” is the title of the gorgeous single just released off his anticipated new album.  There are excellent jungle references accompanied by the melodic and hypnotizing vibraphone elements. The break down is simple, clean and candy for the ears. Also, what is it about a White Label Competition? I’m intrigued.


Enjoy the return of Bonobo

Wednesday’s Handsome Jam of the Day: Sivu

There seems to be something in the air this year–there are several emerging male vocalists taking a different approach to the singer/song writer mystique that has a deeply entrenched history.  I do wonder if we might see an explosion of new era musicians like Sivu in the year to come. I’ve definitely heard rumblings from a handful. Just as the music world has transformed in its make-up over the past three years; Sivu along with a handful of others might represent the next transgression.  Sivu is out of the UK and tackles pop in a subtle and yellowed  of expression. Disco Naivete boldy premiered this video and its great.

I’m excited to see what’s next.


Enjoy today’s melodic hot jam of the day.

Friday’s Jam of the Day: George Gershwin

It is just that kind of day!

It’s gorgeous and chilly out in NYC. The presidential inauguration is here and I’m feeling American and excitable at the moment. Well, George Gershwin is the quintessential American composer and his music is engaging, and encompassing. He depicts the american experience through piano composition and symphony. So today is a day for listening to hot sounds by Gershwin, music that has morphed with the country.



Thursday’s Jam of The Day: Youth Lagoon

Owwww, Youth Lagoon launches out with a new jam through Fat Possum Records titled, “Dropla.” “Dropla” will follow-up his heralded and loved debut album, The Year of Hibernation an album that was a t the top of many top ten pics for 2011 with a new stellar album titled, Wondrous Bughouse, which will launch on March 5th. I have to say, based on this listen, Youth Lagoon has moved in a very different direction in sound and is reminiscent of a more melodic Animal Collective. However, his signature approach to music has not changed but has evolved. Youth Lagoon wins you over with fluffy, interesting sounds, and a driving warmth that will surge across your state of mind and wrap you in appreciation. And le duh–of course this album will blow minds part II.

youth lagoon

Enjoy Youth Lagoon’s new hot jam!

Tuesday’s Previously Unreleased Jam of the Day: Fourtet

And BOOM! That definitely just happened. Fourtet made available a free download and hot soundcloud of music they never released. Yep, previously unreleased Fourtet music from their experimental prime, 1997-2001. The album/ continuous track is epic long and titled, “0181.” What do I think? I think it is hot and totally listenable. I’ve always been a Fourtet fan though and this is just a testimony to their hotness. You get the spectrum of their sound with “0181.” It dabbles in the absurd with found sounds, voice over, and synthesized ambient overtures only to segue into a jazz percussion section with ivory comping and horn fills. The entirety of “0181” will take you on a wave of musical experience and make you nostalgic for the greatness that is Fourtet. Listen to the jams here and then go to the site and download it for free. This is certainly not to be missed and you’ll hear more of what you love, from drones, to high-pitched waves and random children giggling–elements of music play that are now synonymous with Fourtet. This album is the Fourtet you first fell in love with and reminiscent of Rounds and Pause. This is hot in a classic kind of way! There will definitely be some 90’s love that carries through as well. These jams were produced back when but have only recently been compiled!


Enjoy today’s hot jams from a band that’s no more