Friday’s Back from the Holidaze Jam of the Day: Angel Olson

Well, I’m back! The holidaze was a good time but it’s nice to be back in the saddle and getting some writing in.

So I think Angel Olson is the perfect way to open up the New Year of hot jamz. She has a voice that could hold its own at the Grand ol’ Opery, a style that carves a painful well across your drifting thoughts, and a rooted sense of now that has a staying power. She dropped a great album this past year with Halfway Home and her duet with Marissa Nadler which I wrote about a bit ago, was stunning, to say the least. The song “Tiniest Seed” was off Halfway Home. However, Angel has struck back out with a gorgeous new EP set for release this coming January 15th titled, SleepWalker, and will feature the below gorgeous track, “Sweet Dreams.” The videos below are stellar collaborative projects that Angel has done with her friends across the Atlantic titled, transatlantic collaboration between four friends. Anyway, there are only amazing things to say about Angel Olson as she shoots into the music scene with artistic videos and a striking voice.


Enjoy today’s gorgeous jamz.


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