Wednesday’s Graceful and Gorgeous Jam of The Day: Recycled Culture

Recycled Culture just released a gorgeous 4 part EP. Recall that experience you have in the morning, walking to the subway, or public transportation. It’s probably super foggy out, maybe freezing fog, and the sounds around you are completely muffled by the frosty air and frozen fog memories. In Transit dives through your senses and subliminal experiences, tapping into that morning stroll. The ambient and found sound pieces wintry will completely whist you away and encompass your thoughts, calibrating your senses into a mush of memories that you can tap into as a whole or as individual spoonful’s. Did I mention Recycled Culture was produced in complete anonymity? Who knows who this person is. Whoever it is though, keep these jamz coming–they’re stunning. And for you readers, go check out the site and download the cuts here, The album is subtly fantastic and reminiscent of The Books, Boards of Canada, and Bibio


Enjoy today’s stunning hot jamz!


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