Thursday’s Awesome R&B Jam of the Day: Laura Mvula

I don’t think I need to say much more other then dayyum, Laura Mvula’s got talent in spades. I’m loving her style and voice in so many ways. She’s been on repeat all day. God damn, I’m loving her sound. The BBC performance destroys the world! I predict she’ll become one of the most acclaimed r&b singers in the next decade–no joke. Time will tell but man, talent like this does not appear every day. Her voice is trained, sharp yet free-gloatingly lucid. It is as if her sound came from some cosmic understanding of excellence. She wrote songs online and channeled soul greats only to find her own exploding from the seams. Mvula has a super distinguished voice and one that will make the hair on your arm stand straight up. I’m super excited to see more work coming our way. Here’s to an exciting debut album coming our way this Spring and hopefully a tour that’ll hit NYC!!! hint hint, if you read this.

Here’s the bbc jam! It is just so cool to see her talent live.

Enjoy today’s mind blowing hot Laura Mvula Jams.



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