Tuesday’s Previously Unreleased Jam of the Day: Fourtet

And BOOM! That definitely just happened. Fourtet made available a free download and hot soundcloud of music they never released. Yep, previously unreleased Fourtet music from their experimental prime, 1997-2001. The album/ continuous track is epic long and titled, “0181.” What do I think? I think it is hot and totally listenable. I’ve always been a Fourtet fan though and this is just a testimony to their hotness. You get the spectrum of their sound with “0181.” It dabbles in the absurd with found sounds, voice over, and synthesized ambient overtures only to segue into a jazz percussion section with ivory comping and horn fills. The entirety of “0181” will take you on a wave of musical experience and make you nostalgic for the greatness that is Fourtet. Listen to the jams here and then go to the site and download it for free. This is certainly not to be missed and you’ll hear more of what you love, from drones, to high-pitched waves and random children giggling–elements of music play that are now synonymous with Fourtet. This album is the Fourtet you first fell in love with and reminiscent of Rounds and Pause. This is hot in a classic kind of way! There will definitely be some 90’s love that carries through as well. These jams were produced back when but have only recently been compiled!


Enjoy today’s hot jams from a band that’s no more


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