Friday’s Mesmerizing Jam of The Day: Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós has produced a series of gorgeous and often whimsical Icelandic ambient, and strangely mesmerizing jams throughout their career. There is something about their music that transports you to an icy moonlit field, probably an arctic tundra, and you sit or stand in the middle of it, in complete isolation, listening to the wind howl past your ears and the cracks of ice in the permafrost bounce as your feet chew up the terrain below. The music of Sigur Rós has always been interesting and beautiful and cause for mindful listening. “Rembihnútur” and “Ekki Mukk” are two dazzling examples of the band’s talent and unique sound as described on their most recent album, Valtari. This music is perfect to think to on a bitingly cold and overcast but illuminated winter’s day.


Enjoy today’s jams


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