Wednesday’s Jam of The Day: Charles Mingus

Not long ago, my brother in-law passed along an amazing Charles Mingus album; he said I would love it. I said hell yeah, hit me with it! He was so right. If you’re not familiar with Charles Mingus’, The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady, now is your time to become acquainted. The entire album is stellar in every way, tackling an array of experience sound, jazz history and music history.  How do we define amazing, mind bending, emotive jamz that transcend sound, understanding and experience? Damn good question: if I could fully answer it, maybe I’d be rich, but alas… The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady is a virtuosic marvel of orchestration, tempo changes, attitudinal shifts, cultural influence, historical bouncing, and free-born dramatic binges of the soul. “Trio and Group Dancers” captures, encloses and defines a huge moment in the experience that one has with this album and masterwork. The brass solos and Spanish guitar, driving bass, and orchestration bring you to a dessert where you discover a gorgeous gypsy woman or something, she points randomly into the desert–you decide to wander that way and stumble into Morocco. How is that possible? Who knows, it just is. The next thing you know, you’re standing alone on a spot lit dance floor and competing in a swing competition in the heart of New York. Boom! China town in a smoke filled speakeasy. This album will take you on a roller coaster of music experience like few have before.  It is the heat and perpetually driving nature of this album that brings life to your imagination and wisdom to your understanding of what music can do. The album ventures through Flamenco, free jazz, swing, bop, classical, improvised spiritual ramblings and more. So god damn it, listen to it and enjoy the world it’ll take you to–part’s 1 and 2 below are just beautiful and mind-bending. There is a reason this is a jazz classic.


Enjoy today’s mind bending jamz

and the full album is here


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