Wednesday’s Gorgeous Jam of the Day: Laura Mvula

This is no big surprise. But Laura Mvula’s recent release and cover of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” is just a soulful and slowed down kind of gorgeous. The song is so minimal and simple . What I would give to see the Radio 1 Live Lounge performance.  Sing To The Moon will be hitting shelves very soon.


Enjoy Laura Mvula’s Jam of the day.


Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Doldrums (feat. Guy Dallas)

Doldrums, “She is the Wave” (feat. Guy Dallas) is just psychotic synth mayhem with intense overlaid vocals. Basically, this song is hot but also reminds me of some trip gone horribly wrong. Your only safety is a shopping cart full of retro jam making devices while you stroll through a desert that is full of lazers shots in outer space as well as high-pitched throat vocals that are exploding through your synth cart.


she is the wave

Monday’s Jam of the Day: Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon, the brain child of Trevor Powers  who blew the scene away with his debut album, The Year of Hibernation, has returned to astonish and please our ears once again with his upcoming sophomore release titled, Wondrous Bughouse. Stylistically Trevor has matured his unique flare for heavy synth-layered and textured soundscapes that compliment his eclectic lyrical pallet and melodic reasoning.  Listening to Wondrous Bughouse is a pleasure for the  imagination as it captures the perks of pop without delving too deeply and challenging your mind to identify exactly what your hearing. The music of Youth Lagoon emerges as gorgeous and relaxing like a sunset on an ocean horizon.

Wondrous Bughouse delves into the world of Trevor Powers and weighted subject matter that concerns his outlook on life, perplexing questions regarding his relationship to himself, and what happens next.Weighty subjects criss-cross this intriguing album only land comfortably on your head. Wondrous Bughouse will hit stores on March 5. Enjoy the gorgeous and simple jamz.

youth lagoon

Enjoy today’s Youth Lagoon

Friday’s Hotness Jam of the Day: Elmore James

Well, well, well,  Not much needs to be said; Elmore  James is what it is, what is.

The song “Rollin’ And Tumblin'” is what I’d call a roots blues rock standard/classic. I’m not certain just how many versions there are of this song but I know many are out there, probably 8 or more. However, Elmore James’ version envisions a smoke-filled room crowded to the brim What’ cool about this song is the repetition that would later be found in club music. Stylistically James helped place the flooring down for music that would emerge in funk , disco and rock and later dance music. This song could be jammed and circled over and over and over until the club needed a water break. Elmore James, simply put, is the man! James was as big as the Chicago Union. He fell away from them but his contribution was equal to the big Chicago Union names that emerged. I think James has one of the most unique hollow body tones and dramatic blues approaches to date.

Elmore James

Enjoy Elmore James’ hot jam of the day!

Thursday’s Super EXPLOSIVE Launch Jam of the Day: Roman

Wonderment and uncertain mystery play a massive role in indie launches these days and sometimes it is annoying as all hell–of course the exception to this rule is that some creative geniuses dive head  in to the approach with wit and artistic/conceptual prowess that warrants their anonymity and demand indie acclaim. Empress Of  is a remarkable example of an individual making a launch with aesthetic smarts and a knack for the non-traditional. However, this post is about Roman, not Empress Of. Roman might be the next massive musical explosion. His launch all began with a tweet on February 6th, “13-2-13 IT BEGINS’

All week-long, Roman has been debuting new videos everyday in his incredibly creative, highly artistic, gorgeously produced, and conceptually connected series titled,  “Aftermaths.” “Aftermaths”is quite possibly one of the more creative, social media savvy music launches that I’ve seen happen.  The story of “Aftermaths” is elegantly sewn together in what can only be described as a music video masterpiece.  The videos are all directed by clever director,Federico Urdaneta. Urdaneta deserves more than just minor kudos. He’s golden. Each song describe “Aftermaths” in a way that is reminiscent of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, David Bowie, Prince Girltalk (although much better), Devo and a hand-full of other creative geniuses but with an apocalyptic and rock/hip hop infusion. Each Aftermath is a brilliant short! and yeah, I think he’s the shirtless guy. Enjoy this surreal adventure across platforms! Instagram, Facebook, , Soundcloud, Youtube, Twitter. This launch is screaming brilliant.

Each and every platform adds a piece to the puzzle and leaves you more baffled. Roman builds a complex web of mystery and intrigue that pulls you deeply in.

So who the hell is Roman? To be honest, I have zero idea but he is a music journeyman and is apparently from london. As far as I know, his launches began this month like a musical Zorro or something.  His art and sound debuts incorporate multiple medias and experiences, from pure social, to visualizers, to video art, to short film with abstracted storylines to an amazing mixtape. is another element of his launch and is a visualizer that he clearly has plans for and it basically just perplexes and hypnotizes the watcher. While his soundcloud debuts a mixtape of what appear to be musical inspirations, his voice, and hot mixing/beats with surreal storytelling.  I’m loving the hell out of Roman’s brilliant anonymous launch. Clearly this guy has big things to bring to the music world.

Damn! This mixtape is so hot!!!

Based on what we’re hearing, this guy might be explosive–and there is something David Bowieish about him as well. I’m stoked on Roman and what will be next. My wonder is massive at the moment and yours should be too! Thy mystery is killing me but the excitement is palpable.


Dig today’s absurd awesomeness! Expect a huge explosion onto the scene with this guy.

FRIDAY “Aftermaths” UPDATE:

and then of course, “You Make Dangerous Love”

Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Diplo featuring Gent and Jawns

So yeah, this is probably one of the most mindless songs to ever be dropped. But who cares, the beat hits hard and  it will definitely make your booty go, “Yo.” More importantly though, the video is super hot and a pleasure watch and or  to have in the background while typing away today. I’m always happy to hear any new cuts released by Diplo and “Butter’s Theme” is no exception.


Enjoy today’s jam

Friday’s Jam of the Day: Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin

Dan Romer and Benh Zeitlin are the genius’ behind the score to and the direction of what I believe to be one of the most moving and beautiful films/american tales to ever be told. The movie is Beasts Of The Southern Wild and the films original score is probably one of the most beautiful and enchanting scores to ever be produced. In the vein of Mark Mothersbaugh, Dan Romer takes what is occuring in the film and transports you into the moment and into the scene. His beautiful composition should hands down receive best score over the weekend. But then again, the Academy is a total joke. Whatever, it’s award ceremony season and this film deserves tribute, both for its score as well as its story,acting, cinematography, and direction. The music of Romer mashes cinematic bliss into your ears and  arouses your spirits with the ability to conquer anything through unexpected and  improbable joy. Romer tells the enchanted story that is Beasts Of The Southern Wild as effectively with music as Zeitlin does with direction.


Enjoy today’s jam of the day.


Valentine’s Day Jam of the Day: The B.C. Harmonizers

I just learned about The B.C. Harmonizers and their song “You Ought To Been There.” This gorgeous jam is brought to our ears via  a soul and gospel exploration on the compilation, Fire In My Bones. Aquarium Drunkard dropped them on his recent Transmissions podcast and it blew my mind. So there’s that. More importantly, this is gospel glory that will crush into your spirit and lift you up when you need that lovin’!


Enjoy today’s mmhmm jamzmm

Thursday’s Ridiculously Hot Jam of the Day: Davy Graham

Who is Davy Graham and why is the song, “Both Sides Now” off his hot hot 1968 psychedelic, folk-infused, and super orchestrated album,  Large As Life, And Twice As Natural, so damn good? “Both Sides Now” is damn brilliant. Of course it is though. Joni Mitchell wrote it, and she is pretty much a bad ass. But on to Davy Graham–who is this dude? Well, Davy Graham was probably one of the most influential folk guitarists/singer-songwriters of the 60’s, playing a huge role in the British Folk revival that led to the later establishment of so many well-known musicians. Why don’t we know tons about him? Simple answer is that Graham didn’t care about fame like some do; he retired in obscurity but with a lasting impact on music history. Either way, he has produced so many gorgeous folk, finger picked jams. Graham and Bert Jansch were the revivalist who took British folk to new international heights and popularized DADGAD tuning. In addition to the hot Joni Mitchell cover, Graham was also well known “Anji” as well as his famed “She Moved Thru’ the Bizarre/Blue Raga” and “Mustapha”–quintessential DADGAD jamz. It was the DADGAD tuning that took rock to new heights with Zeppelin and many others. Graham  was a bad ass. Fact.

davy graham

Enjoy today’s super hot jams!