Monday’s Psyched Out Jam of The Day: Foxygen

We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic by Foxygen is anything but a conceptual album. Every track draws from a rich history of psychedelic rock, garage, proto-punk, and straight ahead punk with an infusion of Sid Barret and distortion fuzz that has become synonymous with the current garage movement sweeping across SF. This band will bring goosebumps to your skin if you dig on hard-hitting psychedelic garage. This album is an astounding launch out with interesting cuts, surf infusions, and an array of influence that melds like warm wax on your ears–basically, this is a band with confidence and they want you to groove and then freak the hell out. In one song, you’ll move from being in a haunted surfers house to jumping through a window because you were converted into a shrieking ghoul hell-bent on hitting up the werewolf bar mitzvah down the street. And so it goes in the world of Foxygen. where Joanthan Rado and Sam France compliment each other like Vampire Sushi. JagJaguwar have struck gold with these two. France clearly has pulled his influence from some of the chaotic vocals and amazingness of the northwest as is seen in The Sonics to Old Time Relijun. Meanwhile Rado will shred across genres seamlessly. Foxygen is no single throw back by any means; they’re just full of ass-kickery.


Enjoy today’s jam of the day.


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