Thursday’s Ridiculously Hot Jam of the Day: Davy Graham

Who is Davy Graham and why is the song, “Both Sides Now” off his hot hot 1968 psychedelic, folk-infused, and super orchestrated album,  Large As Life, And Twice As Natural, so damn good? “Both Sides Now” is damn brilliant. Of course it is though. Joni Mitchell wrote it, and she is pretty much a bad ass. But on to Davy Graham–who is this dude? Well, Davy Graham was probably one of the most influential folk guitarists/singer-songwriters of the 60’s, playing a huge role in the British Folk revival that led to the later establishment of so many well-known musicians. Why don’t we know tons about him? Simple answer is that Graham didn’t care about fame like some do; he retired in obscurity but with a lasting impact on music history. Either way, he has produced so many gorgeous folk, finger picked jams. Graham and Bert Jansch were the revivalist who took British folk to new international heights and popularized DADGAD tuning. In addition to the hot Joni Mitchell cover, Graham was also well known “Anji” as well as his famed “She Moved Thru’ the Bizarre/Blue Raga” and “Mustapha”–quintessential DADGAD jamz. It was the DADGAD tuning that took rock to new heights with Zeppelin and many others. Graham  was a bad ass. Fact.

davy graham

Enjoy today’s super hot jams!


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