Friday’s Hotness Jam of the Day: Elmore James

Well, well, well,  Not much needs to be said; Elmore  James is what it is, what is.

The song “Rollin’ And Tumblin'” is what I’d call a roots blues rock standard/classic. I’m not certain just how many versions there are of this song but I know many are out there, probably 8 or more. However, Elmore James’ version envisions a smoke-filled room crowded to the brim What’ cool about this song is the repetition that would later be found in club music. Stylistically James helped place the flooring down for music that would emerge in funk , disco and rock and later dance music. This song could be jammed and circled over and over and over until the club needed a water break. Elmore James, simply put, is the man! James was as big as the Chicago Union. He fell away from them but his contribution was equal to the big Chicago Union names that emerged. I think James has one of the most unique hollow body tones and dramatic blues approaches to date.

Elmore James

Enjoy Elmore James’ hot jam of the day!


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