Monday’s Jam of the Day: Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon, the brain child of Trevor Powers  who blew the scene away with his debut album, The Year of Hibernation, has returned to astonish and please our ears once again with his upcoming sophomore release titled, Wondrous Bughouse. Stylistically Trevor has matured his unique flare for heavy synth-layered and textured soundscapes that compliment his eclectic lyrical pallet and melodic reasoning.  Listening to Wondrous Bughouse is a pleasure for the  imagination as it captures the perks of pop without delving too deeply and challenging your mind to identify exactly what your hearing. The music of Youth Lagoon emerges as gorgeous and relaxing like a sunset on an ocean horizon.

Wondrous Bughouse delves into the world of Trevor Powers and weighted subject matter that concerns his outlook on life, perplexing questions regarding his relationship to himself, and what happens next.Weighty subjects criss-cross this intriguing album only land comfortably on your head. Wondrous Bughouse will hit stores on March 5. Enjoy the gorgeous and simple jamz.

youth lagoon

Enjoy today’s Youth Lagoon


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