Thursday’s Jam of The Day: Foxygen

Foxygen is Foxygen is Foxygn is Foxygen is Foxygen is Foxygen is Foxygen is Foxygen is Foxygen is Foxygen is Foxygen

Somewhere between the infinite cosmos, an intrepid comet hell-bent on loving earth, and an excursion in psychedelics lies the music  of Foxygen–You can hear touches of Steppenwolf, Sid Barret, Kinks, T Rex, Velvet Underground, The Sonics, Lou Reed,  70’s rock operas and so many others. These guys show an unflinching commitment to capturing what makes rock, rock and for that they kick ass and deserve your ears. Their sound delves into the sonic funk of reality that lingers in the bottom of a sardine can that discovered its oils aren’t just tasty but their essential to capturing rock. Basically, Foxygen has captured the essential oils of rock and that powers them into painting soundscapes that are both similar to what we grew up with, yet entirely orignal, awkward, and tributes to why we love music. The music crashes and dives like some manic roller-coaster on a cosmic discovery mission, powered by the essential oils of rock, discovered in that old sardine can. And so it goes, Foxygen has a sound. Their sound has eight legs and will be inviting you to go for a ride. Don’t turn it down just because it looks strange. Foxgen’s latest album titled, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic on JagJaguWar is hot and very much worth the money

This quote sums it up;  “I’m talking to my grandma, who lost her arms in the war–The aliens and armory that bombed her cigar store… There’s no need to be an asshole, you’re not in Brooklyn anymore… The door of consciousness isn’t open anymore.”




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