Monday’s Jam of the Day: Joseph Hein

“In a way, my soul’s been saved by the sky” erupts with the crescendo of choral vocals concluding the song “Blinded” on Joseph Hein’s gorgeously put together Ep, Holy Hive Ep. The massive concoction of psychedelic folk talent on this Ep totals out at 10. The dashes of inconsistent production and low-fi results could not be any more spectacular as we listeneres get the pleasure of hearing a band with massive potential, describe themselves through an Ep with big sound, and a band in its infancy. there is so much to hope to see from this band. The band that produced Holy Hive consisted of: John Voight-drums/vocals, Kyle Gibson- clarinet, Tom Boyer- trombone, Joe Hein- flute/poetry, Sam France- vocals, Justin Nijssen- vocals, Harrison O’Conner- vocals, Allyson Pierce- vocals, Joel Skavdahl- Chain, and Zak Hosmer-Dillard – guitar. The group has a very big sound with lyrics that tackle you thoughts and senses.

Each song on Holy Hive Ep will tackle the listener’s imagination like the sun’s glimmer might entice one’s imagination by a glacial lak,e next to a meadow growing only artichokes and wild flowers mid-summer. Joseph Hein and his crew have captured all the essential elements of successful low-fi pysch. folk that has been heard among The Lumineers, The Dirty Projectors, Ed Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, The Beatles, Foxygen,Typhoon, as well as with other legends reminiscent of Dylan. These Olympians or Washingtonians from Olympia, have a very sophisticated and noteworthy sound for such a young band. Hein soothes with his voice only to dive comfortably into the darker depths of an unknown pool, increasing the heavier points of his lyrics and music, “Where do we go where, where do we hide? What do we know if we stay in the night?” It’s not uncommon to see a band with a bunch of instruments produce a subdued sound. But Joseph Hein and his crew produce the kinds of digestible harmonies that are tough to not like, a sort of ear candy. Hein explores the conversations of light and dark and what that means, demonstrating a lyrical competence that is enjoyable and worth musing over. Moreover, his band is committed to continuing with making music. I think these guys will produce some pretty sizable results in the coming year/years. Keep an eye out for more from Joseph Hein and these guys and make sure to go support them buy downloading their, Holy Hive Ep. I feel like they might explode over the next couple years.

joseph Hein

Enjoy. Let us know what you think.


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