Wednesday’s Jam of The Day: Black Milk


Well that happened-Black Milk is back! Detroit based  rockstar, MC, producer, turntablist, rapper and all around czar of awesomeness, Black Milk, has just released his first double, or two-part single of the year,  “Sunday’s Best Monday’s Worst,” which from what I hear is a dose of what to expect on his upcoming album, release date TBD. The two songs play as a continuous flow–segueing seamlessly into the next.  “Sunday’s Best,” is a heavily laced homage to boom bap and is a journey through gospel inspiration. “Amen” throughout the track, an angelic gospel choir comps the strong lyrical genius of Black Milk. The second half of the double single intros with a  spin-out and “Monday’s Worst” emerges as a 70’s soul tribute with a morbid story about love and loss only to end on a  tripped out note of discourse. Ahhhh, I’m freaking out at this point, but not really. This single is a masterwork.

Curtis Cross or Black Milk, is exemplary of MidWest Hip Hop and Detroit Style. Black Milk exudes the talents of a new era of producers and there is no doubt that he is one of the best among them. He can cut you with lyrics, and an impeccable flow, only to sooth your listening with graceful beat transitions, samples, and harmonies.  He’s a renaissance man of sorts and  his spectrum of knowledge, experience, influence, and technique subtly but clearly unfold in his music. Black Milk has a talent for music iding to both confuse you or calm you with his production. And what else would you expect from the protegé of Detroit’s J Dilla?

He has released five albums since 2005, not including his collaborations with superstars like: Jack White, Danny Brown, Sean Prince, and others. Album of the Year was released in 2010, a year of massive personal and professional loss for him. But like a Phoenix from the ashes, Black Milk was resurrected and worked to  “refine and redefine his sound” with Album of the Year. His experimentations proved fruitful  building the bridges necessary for him to team up with MC Extraordinaire Danny Brown on Black and Brown. Black Milk’s bio put’s it well when it says, “Few artists in hip hop are able to create music that can rise above expectations and defy categorization.”

oh and by the by:  There’s a contest taking place on his site. The first person to list all 15 song-related images in the “Sunday’s Best / Monday’s Worst” artwork wins a free copy of Black’s Record Store Day vinyl release, Synth or Soul. List the images in the comments section to win. (Shout out to the artist, Joonbug.)




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