Thursday’s Hardcore Jams of the Day: The Anna Thompsons

The truth of the matter is that these women are bad ass. How could they not be with amazing song titles like: “Bleeding Through,” “Get Laid,” “Fuck You,” and “Unicorn” Fact. They’re also probably hilarious to talk with.  I’ve had “Bleeding Through” on repeat today. The intro is all sorts of synth keys hot before it dives into a nice dose of 80’s pop fused surf sounds with etherial vocals that drag you through a cloud of cotton candy that might be laced with cyanide (in a good way). The chorus is after all, “Bleeding Through” not “Loves Heart Break” or something silly like that. “Bleeding Through” is a hot jam that shows us just where this crew is going and I god damn like it. They have a unique taste for hilarious hardcore and straight ahead driving tracks. then of Course there is “Fuck You” and “Unicorn”–What else needs to be said. They kill it as their sound has clearly evolved into these sounds.

And they have a penchant for self-description that is spot on; “Canadian/Spanish/American banana split topped with potato chips from Berlin. Inspired… by a vast spectrum of music that ranges from Heart’s Dreamboat Annie, to Dead Moon, to The Zit Remedy, their corpus touches on many themes that include Grace Jones, creepy guys, unicorns, and the economic crisis in Spain. They have a democratic approach to vocals and a totalitarian approach to having fun.” Basically they have a raw and awesome sound.

annaPicture by Laura de Díaz

Enjoy today’s Jams from The Anna Thompons and go see them.


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