Thursday’s Face Melting Psych Rock Jam of the Day: Kak

Basically Kak is the most underappreciated face melting, psych rock posse to ever step foot on soil. Kak are the psych legends of intergalactic cosmic soul traveling. led by guitarist Dehner Patten, and singer Gary Lee Yoder, were a psychedelic
band based in San Francisco in 1968 and frankly, they destroy and will melt your face off. If y ou dig late 60′ psych rock, Kak has reach the end of your alley. They are mind blowingly talented! Kak Ola by Kak might be the best psych rock album ever recorded. Lofty words, yes, but wow, Kak gives Yes, the Who, Zeppelin, the Stones, the Doors, Television, and many others but a run for their money.


Enjoy today’s amazing face melting jamz


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