Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Grouper

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Grouper, Liz Harris, perform live, back when I lived  in Portland. Her gorgeous and enchanting voice and mysterious approach  has deep roots in Irish folk and it’s a beautiful thing to experience. She has been producing and performing music for years now and has a cult following back in the Pacific Northwest. Each song of her meanders through folk, total destruction, ambient drifting, Opera, and bubble gum pop. She is a virtuosic performer and artist with an appreciation for music history that she aims to demonstrate with each performance, and does so effectively.  Her album, Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill is her calling card, her album that has left a watermark on music culture. Grouper, is still destroying the music landscape with innovation, but one day, when she stops performing, we will look back and remember her for her vision, clarity of understanding, and risky approach to music creation. In short, she is a musical genius.

Today’s jam is her FACT mix titled  ‘Image Of True Death’. Her stunning sounds deserve all the recognition of the world.


Enjoy today’s stunning Grouper Mix


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