Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: The Mallard

As they put it themselves, “the Mallard are an inside-out-echo-laser-garage-psych-rock four-piece from San Francisco. Their home fried songs harness the naked abandon of 60’s punk (think earliest syd barrett era pink floyd), but inject the form with a deranged spirit all their own. Close attention to texture and dynamics allow the band to explore unusual terrain – to grant access into unexpected realms of beauty and terror, with dessert.”

Mallard’s, “I Listen To The Lyrics Last” previously recorded as “Mansion” before the band signed onto Castleface records with the likes of Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, and White Fence is a straight driving echo chamber of San Francisco post-punk garage hysteria–The Mallard is quickly becoming one of the 21st century garage rock greats with their Castleface peers. Greer McGettrick, the mastermind behind The Mallard has been producing dazzling experimental gems.  However, I think we will  be seeing a bit of a movement away from garage in the coming year or two.  The signs are in the clouds. We are on the cusp of a garage and psych rock backlash of sorts. I imagine all of these Castleface bands begin moving away into unchartered post-punk garage inspired territory. The Mallard is on this post punk wagon as they thrash your face with shots of 70’s flair only to bring you down to earth with a taste of their own soulful sound.

A garage post-punk infused ear explosion and head apocalypse is here with The Mallard

the mallard



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