Wednesday’s Jam of The Day: MONEY

Well there’s MONEY for you. MONEY is one gem of a band out of Manchester. Approximately a year ago, MONEY emerged from the depths of London as a band named Meke Menete  and released a series of eye-catching videos which helped them grow an acclaim as a band on the cusp of a new etherial experimental project. But it seemed like maybe it was all for hype and nothing for the long haul. As we waited and waited for more, nothing came.  However, Meke Menete changed their name to MONEY, signed on with Bella Union and have proved every concern that they were just a hype machine wrong. MONEY has just released two beautiful 7″ singles that will leave you in a cloud of whimsical distraction.

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 10.51.17 AM

Basically, Manchester can rest assured, MONEY has made those out there, listen and maybe fall in love with them again. Bluebell Fields, one of the singles released gives us a delicate taste of what to expect on the band’s upcoming debut full-length on Bella Union. They music is a striking combination of melancholy poetry, overlaid with a super ambient sound experience, that has been dipped in the cold fog of a Manchester winter, and emerging with a comforting warm blanket of sun drenched uplifting happiness.  The music is simply beautiful and a certain promise of what to expect off their upcoming full length.


Enjoy today’s stunning music from Money out of Manchester.


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