Friday’s Jam of The Day: Youth Lagoon Review

So I’ve written many times about Trevor Powers, the man behind the beauty of Youth Lagoon. Over the past two years Youth Lagoon has graced the music industry with a new variety of eclectic,synthesized, ethereal, and poetical musical dreamscapes that are reminiscent of many musics and songs yet are entirely unique unto themselves.  His first album, The Year of Hibernation was “based around the idea of psychological dysphoria,” he was placing music to his thoughts.  Trevor Powers is an interesting and intriguing fellow. He writes most of his music in solitude so that he may hone in on his sounds and capture his mind’s assortment of food.  He joined up with Fat Possum Records and from there tackled his most recent gorgeous album, Wonderous Bughouse. He now plays with a full band and produces music of the strange psyche.

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There is an incredible sincerity to Trevor Powers as Youth Lagoon. When listening to him, it is as if you are identifying and hearing a man who yearns to express and sort through his deepest thoughts, occasionally convoluted and psychedelic but no less, his genuine feelings and emotions in the form of a musical confession. His concerts devour the audience in a trance of wonderment. As Trevor puts it,

“Youth Lagoon is something so personal to me because writing music is how I sort my thoughts, as well as where I transfer my fears,” explains Powers. Wonderous Bughouse is a stunning combination of sounds, synthesized cloudscapes, with echoing vocals, striking distortions that drift from a waltz, to 70’s psychedelic rock that reminds the audience of Yes. His sounds are made of keyboard forward approaches,  a fully orchestrated percussive backbone, crescendo key strokes and unique vocals that are reminiscent of of Syd Barrett.

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Last Night I saw Youth Lagoon perform an intimate show at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY!  sponsored by a Brooklyn Vegan. It was a stellar experience. There is something very different about Youth Lagoon. The musical experience is completely encompassing. The lights, the ambiance, and a drizzling of thoughts dripped in the sounds of Trevor Powers’ gorgeous synth distortions and piano playing. Also, the band was so in-tune with each other. It appeared flawless as the quartet rode up mountains of sound and plunged deep into entrancing valleys of  electric waves. The night was memorable as hell and easily one of the best shows I’ve seen over the past two years. Youth Lagoon has moved in a very different direction in sound since his first album but in the best way possible. The band’s performance was reminiscent of Yeasayer’s, All Hour Cymbals tour but with  a very unique skew of Youth Lagoon and him and his band’s signature approach to capturing thoughts in sound and sound in thoughts. The live performance experience of Youth Lagoon can best be described as a surge of multi-color warmth that crescendos across your state of mind and wraps into your imagination.

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