Tuesday’s Hot Summertime Jam: Young Tiger

George Browne, better known as none other than Young Tiger, lived during the roaring 20’s and into the 21st century. He was a bad ass Calypso Trinidadian.  He played a massive role in  young creole music history. You can hear his influence on all things Calypso. And yeah, he became an Ex-Pat in the UK and was at The Coronation.   He was one of the kings of Brit Calypso. So this song, “I was there (at the Coronation)” is well, awesome wombats. So dig on this today and think about how cool it would be to have chilled with this cat and shared some “Bangers and mash patties?” London was the place for Young Tiger and he was a stud. There were so many peeps at the Coronation. Damn, I wish we could have all partied there.



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