Thursday’s Throwback Jam of the Day: Digable Planets

Just recently (well in March) a vinyl reissue of Digable Planets‘ way, way ahead-of-its-time classic, Blowout Comb, was dropped on Light In The Attic Records. These guys are easily one of the hottest and most classic hip hop crews to ever hit the streets. They had a vision that was rivaled by few. I think we should celebrate their vinyl reissue today and hear some sounds from Digable Planets and what led to (now Shabazz Palaces) visionary Ishmael Butler style as he continues to carry the torch of fearlessness. Also, “Crooklyn!” Just saying. So many hot shout-outs to my hood.

Enjoy today’s jamz.

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Wednesday’s the blog is back jam of the day: Soko

Well it’s been a while. Life can get nutso sometimes. So sorry readers for being so off the radar of the past month. Hence forth expect jam of the day to be back online.

What better way to start the blog rolling again than to showcase the latest ridiculously hot jam by Soko. Her latest single “Monster Love” is a killer duet between Soko and Ariel Pink. Soko is one of the most eclectic female musicians out today. Her multi-instrumentalism goes to new levels in “Monster Love.”

And yes this song is all about monster love. Super monster love. This song and and accompanying music video is a tale of love lost, monsters, regret, and deception. More importantly it’s about monster and mystic beasts. While that might not seem important, it is!

This video has all the works. You have a crazy monster with hands that scratch and cut. It has a landlocked street mermaid who pushes the monster away . And of course, every monster deserves another monster to love. Enter monster #2! The love of Monster #1’s life! The video is awesome! And yes it is a VHS-recorded promo  by Soko. It wasFilmed in  Silverlake LA. Dig it.

“Monster Love” is a fuzzy lo-fi atmospheric masterpiece and deserves your ears and eyes. Soko is an actor and musician. Music is her passion though. I say keep it coming. At the very least don’t stop being a monster. Apparently Nowness doesn’t embed in wordpress. I’ll update the video as soon as it hits another platform. Till then check it on the site.

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Soko: Monster Love on–monster-love

Tuesday’s Jam of The Day: The Non Travellin’ Band

The Non Travellin’ Band’s debut, “Two Hands Full of Fingers” and  supporting video is out! And yes, this song was recorded direct to tape and this video is all hotness meshed in Midwest love. The Non Travellin’ Band recorded this video through Moon Glyph Records in Madison, Wisconsin and I think it does a pretty spot-on job of capturing who this band is, where they come from, and what we can expect of them. So who the hell are these cats? Their bad asses, I know that.  I’d call this music psychedelic no bs straight ahead rock.  The Non Travellin’ Band have a deep fury you can feel in each song and in  each fuzzed out progression and loud vocal. This is unquestionably heartland pysch rock and its in the vein of other contemporaries like The Golden Animals. The sound of The Non Travellin’ Band hints at where music is trying to go in the face of the synth factory that we’re currently in and I dig it. These guys are stellar and I bet their show is the perfect kind of rowdy.

The band’s debut is titled: Never Prayed Once and it’s on casette. Get it and dig it!


Enjoy today’s jam of the day!