Friday’s Labor Day Weekend Jam of the Day: Josephine Baker (Diva Exotica)

I’ll just put it like this. It’s tomato season and it’s coming to an end.  Booooo.

So in honor of this Summer’s epic tomato season and to a long weekend, here’s “Don’t Touch Me Tomatoes” by Miss Josephine Baker! Basically, Josephine Baker is a phenomenal performer and while I could rant about why, I’ll spare you it today. Just enjoy this song and go get some tomatoes!

josephine baker

Dig it!

also, “Blue Skies” is the Jam


Friday’s Jam Of The Day: Trio (Homage to Steve Ballmer)

Well I’m sad. Why? Duh, Steve Ballmer, SteveB, SteveyB, Big Bad Ballmer, The Big Dog–and any number of other variations has announced his retirement. He might be one tough cookie and most have a love hate relationship with him. Many say he played a big role in the decline of MS. That might be a bit true but I honestly think that he did a lot to help keep the company afloat this past decade. I should say, I am a self-proclaimed Microsoftie. You might call me lame for that, but I am. That said, I’m bummed he’s retiring. Who else will do ridiculous things like Ballmer? He screams and loves developers like no other.  Ballmer is an insanely hilarious tech CEO and certainly one of the tech greats. As such, today’s jam is a Jam of the day homage to the big bald, sweaty, mal-tempered legend that is Steve Ballmer.

Who else will shout and hate on Google and Apple like Ballmer? Sad day, sad day indeed. He’s the mad man of tech! “Except in Nebraska.”

I’ve chosen Trio and their famous song, “Da Da Da,” because it is the soundtrack to my favorite Ballmer commercial.

Here’s to you  Big Daddy Ballmer!


Just so good

Wednesday’s Gorgeous Jam of The Day: Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell  is a king among musicians and is without question one of our generation’s most inventive jazz guitarists. His forsight and uncanny ability to capture American heritage, regional musicological differences, cultural essence, and familiar sounds all while twisting them into gorgeous expressive beasts of his own is remarkable. His most recent project, “Big Sur,” is no exception. Actually, “Big Sur” might very well be one of his most successful and certainly gorgeous, Frisellian projects of the past five to ten years. It is a stunning work. In an effort to capture his collaboration, I’m posting four videos.

The entire Big Sur Project was, believe it or not, completely inspired by the gorgeous natural beauty of the Big Sur environment and culture. Each track is aptly and expressively named according to him and his collaborator’s opinions of the area. This album is not quintessential Frisell play, rather this is Frisell leaving fingerprints across an entire album that evokes the rugged and pristine beauty of the Big Sur landscape.

The great part about this album is its determined strength of melody, along with its wirey grasp of resources. “It merges two of Mr. Frisell’s recent bands: his 858 Quartet, essentially a string ensemble, and Beautiful Dreamers, a hardier postbop trio. So along with its leader, “Big Sur” features the violist Eyvind Kang, the violinist Jenny Scheinman, the cellist Hank Roberts and the drummer Rudy Royston: musicians with a strong feeling for Mr. Frisell’s language.”

Consensus for me is that this is a true masterwork.

bill frisell

Enjoy today’s simply perfect Frisell Jamz.

Friday’s Hot Folk Jam of The Day: Hurray For The Riff Raff

Well damn,

What can I say? Hurray For The Riff Raff’s track “Look Out Mama” hits every note you want it to. Spearheaded by multi-instrumentalist and vocal talent, Alynda Lee Segarra, Hurray For The Riff Raff captures the essence of decades of Americana pained blues, folk, country, and bayou. Her voice like a well-used guitar, carries a twang and life resilience that careens across generations or American sounds with unique courtesy and tribute. And there’s really only compliments to give to the rest of the band. The instrumentation strikes a chord of timely perfection. A soft rhythm,  a pleasant guitar, and a versed fiddle plant the roots of Hurray For The Riff Raff’s sound. After partnering with the Tumbleweeds, the music exploded with vision.

Segarra’s sweet and lowdown NOLA band, Hurray For The Riff Raff demonstrates and tackles what many bands have tried to capture is recent years–a dusty scrapbook of American tradition. She and her band of friends are authentic Americana and sweat the grit, storyline, and gorgeous rough and tumble essence of old time and Americana. The band’s title track sums it all up! Go see them and dig it.

Did I mention Segarra is a kick ass yodeler?


Enjoy today’s jam.

Thursday’s Gorgeous Minimal Jam of The Day: RY X

ry x

RY X has a simplicity and beauty to his music that inspires atmospheric reflections in his listeners.  He has a nice vocal range and his falsetto with light but poignant guitar hits a perfect note between profound and soothing.  “On his debut offering Berlin, RY X silences everyone and everything with the fragility and tenderness of the song.” I couldn’t agree with this statement any more. RY X has a real future in front of him and I’m excited to see what his sound turn into.

Enjoy today’s jam.


Return of Fiore Jam of the Day, Wednesday’s Jam: Meridian Brothers


Life got nuts and back. I have to admit I definitely fell away from posting jamz. But we all knew that would not be a permanent thing. The truth is that there are just too too many jamz to not post. :)So without further adieu, introducing The Meridian Brothers. And today’s jam is “Salsa Caliente!” All I can say is hot jamz! This is a nostalgic psychedelic salsa jam with a taste of very contemporary play. Who are the Meridian Brothers and why do they kick ass? Simple, the Meridian Brothers are one of Columbia’s hottest arrivals on the musical and artist scene, and are capitalizing on the renaissance that is sweeping across Latin America. Brazil has been exploding over the past decade when it comes to the arts. However, more and more, soft spoken Columbia, a country that has experienced some pretty wild times is finding itself moving closer to the center of the stage.

While the Meridian Brothers have been around since 1998, their most recent album, Desesperanza,  has really stood out among their discography. Why?  They’ve taken the traditions of pure salsa and launched headlong into reinvigorating the salsa of Columbia.  This album is mind -blowing for those who dig salsa. The Meridian brothers are seemingly treating salsa as a physical object, treating the tradition as if it was a ball of moist clay, ripe for a new sculpting. Think about how Marcel Duchamp gave the Mona Lisa a  mustache and that’ll give you an idea of how the Meridian Brothers are treating salsa tradition.

Desesperanza drives melodic rhythms from African salsa. However, the voice place and psychedelic instrumentation is Cali–it’s upbeat, more so than many salsas. The overall sound is reminiscent of 60s and 70s salsa from Puerto Rico and New York.. The gorgeous and music historical mash-up is what you will hear on Desesperanza. This album is a perfect salsa frankenstein, and yeah this video has a dude praying to his salsa “god.” There are also several Columbian cultural shout-outs. Basically, this is salsa genius.

Dig it!


Enjoy today’s super hot MEridian Brothers Jam of the Day!