Wednesday’s Gorgeous Jam of The Day: Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell  is a king among musicians and is without question one of our generation’s most inventive jazz guitarists. His forsight and uncanny ability to capture American heritage, regional musicological differences, cultural essence, and familiar sounds all while twisting them into gorgeous expressive beasts of his own is remarkable. His most recent project, “Big Sur,” is no exception. Actually, “Big Sur” might very well be one of his most successful and certainly gorgeous, Frisellian projects of the past five to ten years. It is a stunning work. In an effort to capture his collaboration, I’m posting four videos.

The entire Big Sur Project was, believe it or not, completely inspired by the gorgeous natural beauty of the Big Sur environment and culture. Each track is aptly and expressively named according to him and his collaborator’s opinions of the area. This album is not quintessential Frisell play, rather this is Frisell leaving fingerprints across an entire album that evokes the rugged and pristine beauty of the Big Sur landscape.

The great part about this album is its determined strength of melody, along with its wirey grasp of resources. “It merges two of Mr. Frisell’s recent bands: his 858 Quartet, essentially a string ensemble, and Beautiful Dreamers, a hardier postbop trio. So along with its leader, “Big Sur” features the violist Eyvind Kang, the violinist Jenny Scheinman, the cellist Hank Roberts and the drummer Rudy Royston: musicians with a strong feeling for Mr. Frisell’s language.”

Consensus for me is that this is a true masterwork.

bill frisell

Enjoy today’s simply perfect Frisell Jamz.


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