Friday’s Jam Of The Day: Trio (Homage to Steve Ballmer)

Well I’m sad. Why? Duh, Steve Ballmer, SteveB, SteveyB, Big Bad Ballmer, The Big Dog–and any number of other variations has announced his retirement. He might be one tough cookie and most have a love hate relationship with him. Many say he played a big role in the decline of MS. That might be a bit true but I honestly think that he did a lot to help keep the company afloat this past decade. I should say, I am a self-proclaimed Microsoftie. You might call me lame for that, but I am. That said, I’m bummed he’s retiring. Who else will do ridiculous things like Ballmer? He screams and loves developers like no other.  Ballmer is an insanely hilarious tech CEO and certainly one of the tech greats. As such, today’s jam is a Jam of the day homage to the big bald, sweaty, mal-tempered legend that is Steve Ballmer.

Who else will shout and hate on Google and Apple like Ballmer? Sad day, sad day indeed. He’s the mad man of tech! “Except in Nebraska.”

I’ve chosen Trio and their famous song, “Da Da Da,” because it is the soundtrack to my favorite Ballmer commercial.

Here’s to you  Big Daddy Ballmer!


Just so good


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