Wednesday’s Gorgeous Jam of The Day: Kwabs

I’m a bit blown away at the moment. I just heard, Last Stand by Kwabs and am struck by just how stunning his voice is. Kwabs is in the UK but has roots in Ghana. What can I say? He is a soulful, emotionally rich, and haunting. Last Stand is hits like a slow but powerful winter storm setting into an urban landscape, silencing bustling streets. His music comes in layers and layers of synth  and concise beats, complimented by his ghostly but striking voice. I’m digging this sound and this UK soul renaissance that is exploding through the countries talent at the moment.


Enjoy today’s jam.


Tuesday’s Hot Comeback Jam of The Day: RJD2

It’s been just over a decade since RJD2 dropped Dead Ringer. Where did he go is a legit question? And in all honesty, not many people knew. But RJD2 is a man who invented a new style of production that a list of contemporaries have attempted to mimic in both success and failure. As an individual he has swum the Amazon River of music. He’s been an underground hip hop producer to an indie pop compliment to a funky waltzer, to a neo-soul master. It is because of his history and experiences that he has been able to build a reputation and brand that is so insanely unique. He is RJD2. He exploded through music only to disappear and leave fans wondering, “where did he go and what’s next?” He left an open void, an opportunity to showcase who he is in a masterful album that touches on so many of his styles and influences. And here we are, the end of 2013. RJD2 fairly recently release More Is Than Isn’t. This album is stunning. It leap frogs across a map of style but while seamlessly weaving the sounds together.

While listening, to More Is Than Isn’t, you’ll hear a little bit of Deadringer, Since We Last Spoke and The Colossus. You’ll get some prog funk, neo-soul, neo-classical, and funky infused what’sthis complimented by hip hop beats and stellar vocals. If there is one thing this album is not missing, it is the classic pavlovian signals that RJD2 has shown to be a master of. It seems he’s tackling both his production chops in this album as well as tackling his ability to create textured moodscapes of sonic experience. I recommend listening to this from start to finish and just absorbing the accomplishment as it enables one to experience multiple moods, demonstrating his chops and talent while illuminating RJD2, his growth and his new ambition.


Enjoy today’s Jam of the day

Full Album:

Monday’s Virtuosic Jam of the Day: Chris Forsyth

Well it has come to this and it is this simple. For all of you Sonic Guitar lovers out there, enter your new, well been playing for a while, casual hero, Chris Forsyth. He is joining the ranks of the late Lou Reed, Sonic Youth, Robert Quine, and Yes among others int he fraternity of Sonic Guitar. Solar Motel, his recent album, is some kind of master work. It rides the lines of static, psychedelic, minimalism, and avant -garde  in a seamless way, that few can achieve. Forsyth’s ambitious takes on Indian inspired and Sonic Guitar is spotless and virtuosic in every way.

Forsyth is clearly a talent and his most recent excursion in sound seems to bring his collaborations  and experience to a head. He is a musical design, At times reminiscent of a raga, His band mature and develop a sound only to build upon it and demonstrates the structure of it. Well what do you do with beautiful structure? You tear it down! Forsyth and his band do this like champions.

The Solar Motel Band is a bunch of ridiculous awesomeness! If you live in Philly, you should see them.

Solar Motel is a four part genius work that is like nothing and so many things you’ve heard. Enjoy this man. The album will hit shelves on October, 29th!


Enjoy today’s jams.

Thursday’s Get Down with the Get Down Jam: King Khan and The Shrines

King Khan and The Shrines launched their stellar come back album earlier last month. It’s called Idle No More. It represents a lot of things. However, it really symbolizes the healing process that Khan went through with his bandmates after nearly losing his mind. You can totally hear the energy, lyrics, and ways that this song captures what it means to heal. Anyway, I dig it. But then again I dig all his work. His shows are completely nuts and his albums are perfectly sleazily spiritual about a personal apocalypse. The whole album is a about struggle and overcoming problems-it’s an uplifting Khan, the voice of someone the music world missed.


Go dig on some Khan. “Yes I can’t” and enjoy today’s jam of the day.

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Wednesday’s Absurd Hot Jam: James Blake and Chance The Rapper

This duo was made in perfection land. James Blake has a stunning voice and is complimented flawlessly by Chance the Rapper. Honestly, I’ve had this cut on repeat for a minute. Maybe a few minutes. It’s the lyrics, it’s the beat, it’s the melancholic approach, it’s the intensity. The intensity of this song hits a breaching point and then comes to a mellow. The listener is left enraptured and in a dazed an introspective state. It’s that state of mind you might encounter on an overcast but illuminated day. It’s chilly outside, “Round Here” captures the surreal reality of those moments.


dig this jam


Tuesday’s killing it Jam of the Day: Chain and the Gang

“You feel like you’re not good enough and you’re probably not good enough, and you know what, you’re probably not. And you know what, you probably never will be.” I don’t agree with the lyrics they’re damn awesome! Chain and the Gang are classic and their jams never let down. Today’s jam is all about the awesome. Basically, “Not Good Enough” is just a hot ass track. How could you not dig this melody and these lyrics?

There is a lot to, “you know what…”




Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Arcade Fire

Done and Done and Done + Done!!!!!

I’m back on the grid! I spent September disconnected from the world! And what better way to announce the return of daily jams than to open it up with a jam by none other than Arcade Fire. In case you missed SNL musical guest Arcade Fire’s neon-colored concert special that aired right after the SNL credits rolled, you’re in luck: The entirety of the 22-minute affair, which features a bunch of new tracks from the band’s forthcoming album Reflektor, is now online. All I can say is that I’m pumped for Reflektor . Now go get your listen on.


Enjoy today’s Jam.