Monday’s Virtuosic Jam of the Day: Chris Forsyth

Well it has come to this and it is this simple. For all of you Sonic Guitar lovers out there, enter your new, well been playing for a while, casual hero, Chris Forsyth. He is joining the ranks of the late Lou Reed, Sonic Youth, Robert Quine, and Yes among others int he fraternity of Sonic Guitar. Solar Motel, his recent album, is some kind of master work. It rides the lines of static, psychedelic, minimalism, and avant -garde  in a seamless way, that few can achieve. Forsyth’s ambitious takes on Indian inspired and Sonic Guitar is spotless and virtuosic in every way.

Forsyth is clearly a talent and his most recent excursion in sound seems to bring his collaborations  and experience to a head. He is a musical design, At times reminiscent of a raga, His band mature and develop a sound only to build upon it and demonstrates the structure of it. Well what do you do with beautiful structure? You tear it down! Forsyth and his band do this like champions.

The Solar Motel Band is a bunch of ridiculous awesomeness! If you live in Philly, you should see them.

Solar Motel is a four part genius work that is like nothing and so many things you’ve heard. Enjoy this man. The album will hit shelves on October, 29th!


Enjoy today’s jams.


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