Friday’s Psychedelic Gem Jam of The Day: Broadcast and the Focus Group

Broadcast and The Focus Group may easily fall into the void of psychedelic, minimalistic, atmospheric cuts. But they won’t  in some circles that won’t vanish because they’re genius. “The Be Colony” is just one of those tracks that demonstrates the band’s competence and you can hear the influences europop, pysch rock and how these bands have both been influenced by and influenced titans of psychedelic infused minimalism and experimental dream pop. The first bands that comes to mind are the likes of Cat Power, Stereolab, Air, Velvet Underground, Stereo Total, NICO, DeerHoof among other amazing bands. This album was released in 2009 and is a testament to what it means to be awesome. Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age is a collaborative work of art, highlighting both bands involved, Broadcast and The Focus Group. I don’t feel hesitant to call this album a haunting perfect psychedelic work that can stand the test of weird dream pop time. “The Be Colony” reminds me of some kind of ponderous and meditative chant while on mescaline. Better yet, “The Be Colony”  reminds me of a nursery rhyme emanating from a music box that is trapped in a glacier and forever playing on repeat.

The voice of Trish Keenan was perfect and captured the essence of this genre of music. All circles vanish indeed.


Enjoy an amazing jam of the day.


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